U.S. Illegally Arming Haitian Police

April 23, 2005

Recent news reports have exposed that, for the last six months, the U.S. government has been secretly and illegally selling arms to the Haitian government.

Since 1991, U.S. law has forbidden the sale of arms to Haiti. But last Fall, the Pentagon began selling recycled arms, stockpiled at U.S. bases in Panama, to the new Haitian government which was installed by the U.S. after invading the country on February 29, 2004. An article by Robert Muggah in the Canadian paper the "Globe and Mail" reports that the U.S. has already sold more than $7 million in arms over the last 6 months.

These guns are going into the hands of the Haitian National Police (HNP) which is being reorganized by the occupying armies of the U.S. and the U.N. The HNP is using these guns to carry out a reign of terror against the Haitian people. In the 13 months since the U.S. invasion, the foreign troops and the HNP police have murdered an estimated 10,000 people, imprisoned thousands of political opponents and forced 500,000 people into exile or underground.

The U.S. and its puppet Haitian armed forces are trying to drown in blood the struggle of the Haitian people who are demanding an end to U.S./U.N. occupation, restoration of the constitutional order and return of their elected President, Jean Baptiste Aristide.