Huge Protests Against Bush's Visit to India

March 7, 2006

On March 1-3, George Bush visited India and was greeted with protests by hundreds of thousands of people.

On March 2, over 700,000 people demonstrated in the city of Bombay, and over 50,000 turned out for a protest in Calcutta. Speakers denounced Bush and condemned the Iraq war. On March 1, over 300,000 people staged an anti-Bush and anti-war demonstration at the sprawling Ram Lila grounds near the main commercial area of New Delhi.

Plans for Bush to address the Indian parliament and to speak publicly before huge crowds were shelved due to widespread opposition from elected lawmakers as well as the Indian masses. Many mosques throughout the country unfurled banners protesting his arrival.

In all the protests, a sea of banners reading "Killer Bush Go Home" could be seen, and chants of "Bush -- World's Biggest Terrorist" were heard everywhere. March organizers in New Delhi stated "We will protest against the U.S. policies, especially the inhuman atrocities in Afghanistan and Iraq, a likely invasion of Iran and its continuing support to Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine."

Over 71,000 police, armed with rifles, were put on high alert and deployed throughout New Delhi during the visit, and Bush's hotel was sealed off. Police were also placed on high alert throughout Indian Kashmir, and in villages throughout the Kashmir valley.