Bush Endorses “Preemptive Strike” on Iran

November 6, 2006

On November 2, the Jerusalem Post reported that President Bush said he would "understand" a preemptive Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear sites. During the UN Summit in September, French President Chirac discussed Iran's nuclear program with Bush. Asked by Chirac if Israel could attack Iran to prevent it's nuclear development program, Bush said: "We cannot rule this out. And if it were to happen, I would understand it."

This statement by Bush, along with increasing pressure and threats from other White House officials, further reveals that imperialism is dangerously seeking to widen its war in the Middle East. It is, in fact, only the latest in a series of open threats directed against Iran.

In December 2005, the German magazine Der Spiegel reported that CIA Director Porter Goss asked the Turkish Prime Minister to provide support for a possible 2006 air strike against Iranian nuclear and military facilities. In a January 2005 report in the New Yorker, Seymour Hersh said that American commando groups had already infiltrated Iran to mark potential military targets. Last year, the U. S. supplied Israel with highly destructive "bunker-busting" bombs and 102 American-built F-16I warplanes with extra fuel tanks designed to attack Iran's underground nuclear plants.

It is common knowledge that Bush and other top U.S. officials have publicly stated that while Iraq is the number one battleground in U.S. imperialism's "war on terror," Iran is the next target on the list. The possibility of U.S., or combined U.S.-Israeli, military action against Iran cannot be ruled out. Gaining control over Iran and its huge oil resources are part of U.S. imperialism's grand strategy for recolonizing the entire Middle East.