U. S. Military to Build Four Giant New Bases in Iraq

May 29, 2005

On May 23, the Pentagon stated that the U.S. is planning to build "four giant military bases" in Iraq, consolidating over 100 others now scattered throughout the country.

The plan will require the construction of more permanent structures such as blast-proof barracks and offices, according to military officials.

One U.S. official stated that U.S. troops would "gradually concentrate inside four heavily fortified air bases, from where they would provide logistical support and quick reaction capability where necessary. The bases would be situated in the north, south, west and center of the country.

An article in The Washington Post said the new bases would be constructed around existing airfields to ensure supply lines and troop mobility. It named the four probable locations as: Tallil in the south; Al Asad in the west; Balad in the center and either Irbil or Qayyarah in the north.