A Day's Toll in Iraq

September 4, 2005

On August 31, nearly 50 Iraqi civilians were killed as a result of U.S. airstrikes in western Iraq, near the Syrian border.

Hospital officials in the town of al-Qaim said that at least 47 people were killed after U.S. warplanes launched three waves of strikes. The hospital director, Dr Hamdi al-Alusi, stated "Among the casualties were children and women." A spokesman for the U.S. 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force admitted that F-16 warplanes dropped six 500-pound bombs on the town which "had flattened several houses in the area."

Also, in northern Iraq, thousands of U.S. troops launched a new offensive against the city of Tall Afar on September 1st. 27 Iraqis were reportedly killed as the city of 250,000 was encircled by U.S. troops while Apache attack helicopters flew overhead all day. Reporters stated that the assault was "the largest urban assault by U.S. troops since the siege of Fallujah last November."

These brutal attacks reflect the ever-growing desperation and isolation of U.S. imperialism. Over the last few weeks, large demonstrations have been organized all across Iraq denouncing the sham constitution being cooked-up by the U.S. and its paid agents in Iraq. So too, the armed resistance to the occupation keeps growing; for example, at least 13 U. S. soldiers have been killed in Tall Afar just during the past week.

Yet the response of the U.S. is to continue and escalate the war. On August 20, the army's top general, Peter Schoomaker, announced detailed plans for the deployment of 100,000-plus U.S. troops for at least the next 4 years. In fact, the Pentagon is currently increasing the number of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

These latest actions prove that U.S. imperialism will continue its war against Iraq until it is forced out of the country. This can only be done through the struggle of the Iraqi people. The American people must continue to extend and intensify their struggle against the U.S. government's war on Iraq.