Sending More Troops to War

June 20, 2004

On June 17, the Senate, with a nearly unanimous voice (93 to 4), voted to enroll 20,000 more soldiers into the Army, bringing its authorized troop strength to 502,400. The House of Representatives has already approved a similar measure.

Senators from both the Republican and Democratic parties said that the additional troops are needed to sustain the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Senate vote took place as Congress prepares to authorize more than $450 billion for next year's military budget.

The U.S. already has more than 150,000 troops in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan along with tens of thousands of civilians contracted to the military and thousands of mercenaries. Altogether more than 500,000 U.S. military personnel are deployed overseas in 132 countries.

The Senate vote again shows that the government is going full steam ahead with its war program.

Everything in our country -- the lives of our sons and daughters, our tax dollars, our civil liberties, etc. -- are being devoured by this war program.