Bush Administration Announces Plans to Change the Name of the U.S. Colonial Administration in Iraq

November 23, 2003

In mid-November the Bush administration announced that by next June it plans to formally transfer the administration of Iraq from the Coalition Provisional Authority to a "transitional government" built around the current Iraqi Governing Council, a group of 24 former exiles and CIA operatives flown into Iraq after the U.S. war.

While the U.S. is advertising this makeover as the "restoration of Iraqi sovereignty," the truth is that the U.S. will remain the colonial ruler of the country. Ahmad Chalabi, a member of the Governing Council and the leading candidate to head the new " government," described the plans this way: "This is good for everyone. We will have the U.S. forces here, but they will change from occupiers to a force that is here at the invitation of the Iraqi government." Bush himself reminded the world that it is " inconceivable" that the U.S. military will pull out of Iraq. As for the Iraqi administrators, a senior official of the Bush administration emphasized that they are completely attuned to "values that we hold in common and are very comfortable with."

In addition to remaining the military power ruling the country, the U.S. will have privatized and taken over the Iraqi economy by June 2004.