Bush Endorses Israeli Annexationist Plans

June 11, 2006

On May 30, George Bush, at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert, endorsed Olmert's plan to unilaterally and permanently annex even more of the land of Palestine. Bush called Olmert's "convergence" plan a "bold idea" and an "important step" in the Middle East. On the same day, Olmert spoke before the U.S. Congress and received virtually unanimous acclaim.

Olmert's "convergence plan" calls for extending the borders of Israel to officially include all land east of the Apartheid Wall which Israel is building across the West Bank, expanding Israeli settlements and increasing the number of settlers in the West Bank, confining the remaining Palestinian population into isolated ghettoes surrounded by Israeli settlements and military, expelling thousands of Palestinian from East Jerusalem and permanently separating the city from the rest of Palestine.

Under Olmert's plan, about 70 Israeli settlements in the West Bank will be dismantled and the 36,000 residents relocated in other West Bank settlements. These would become permanently and juridically annexed to Israel. In addition, the permanent settlements will be allocated more lands and new housing units to immediately increase the number of settlers by 80,000. Thus, Olmert's plan will increase the number of settlers from 40,000 to a total of nearly 500,000, including 200,000 in East Jerusalem. These settlements will comprise about 10% of the land of the West Bank.

Under Olmert's plan the map of Israel will follow the Apartheid Wall (built on Palestinian land) and include a new Israeli "security" border in the Jordan valley which would deprive the Palestinians of access to the Jordan river and of a border with Jordan.

The Apartheid Wall will also completely surround East Jerusalem, cutting off the Palestinian capital and its 230,000 inhabitants from the rest of the West Bank. Another 15,000 Palestinians homes in Jerusalem have been declared illegal and are threatened with demolition.

In addition, a comprehensive network of military roads and access highways will completely divide the West Bank into small, isolated cantons cut off from each other. Palestine would be deprived of all territorial continuity and the possibility of a viable Palestinian state undermined. Palestinians will be confined to ghettos under the economic and military domination of Israel.

In short, George Bush and the U.S. Congress have publicly endorsed Israel's ongoing program of colonial annexation of Palestine.