Respect for Sovereignty, Basic Requisite to Building New World

The following article is reprinted from the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), November 25, 2004

Respect for sovereignty is a basic requisite to the building of a peaceful new world and the foundation of social development. With their sovereignty trampled upon, a people cannot develop the national economy and culture, to say nothing of their political freedom and exercise of democratic rights. Respect for ideology, system, national tradition and culture is one of the most important matters in defending sovereignty and establishing a peaceful order in the world.

It is impossible to integrate the world with one ideology, system and culture. If one sought that, it would give rise to acute ideological and institutional discord and a political and cultural way of life upon other countries and peoples...

All countries and nations are equal and have the right to exercise their sovereignty in dealing with international issues. A big and developed country has no right to issue orders to and rule small and less developed countries.

The size of countries and the level of their development may show their geographical conception and degree of civilization, but cannot be a yardstick of grading them in their relations or defining their master-servant relationship. Only when all the countries and nations develop the state relations on the principle of equality and mutual benefit can the relations between them be closer, democratic and friendly and the world be peaceful.

Today the world peace order is gravely disturbed because the imperialist power disregards and violates the publicly recognized principles and norms which the countries should observe in their relations.

The United States is trying to behave as it pleases in the international arena, relying on its economic potentials and military power. It categorically brands the countries which refuse to accept its demand or resist it as bad ones and attempts to get rid of them with strength, pressurizing and threatening them. Its unilateral policy is linked to military aggression and state terrorism against other countries to disturb and destroy peace and stability and drive the world to confusion and instability.

It is impossible to achieve world peace and stability and let people live in a peaceful world without a fight against the U.S. moves to violate and obliterate others' sovereignty.