Keep Sharp

February 22, 2004

As the opposition to the U.S. war in Iraq keeps growing, the government is trying hard to find ways to take some of the heat off itself.

For example, the President and Congress hope to appease public opinion by launching various "investigations" into what the whole world already knows and even top officials of the Bush administration have admitted -- i.e. that the hysteria about Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction" was a nothing but a big lie.

Similarly, as the Iraqi people's resistance keeps growing, the U.S. government is going to the U.N. to "gain more legitimacy" for its occupation and is frantically looking for ways to prop up the puppet government which it has installed.

All these tactics aim at sidetracking and slowing down the people's opposition and at covering over the fact that the occupation and war are continuing. The government hopes that while admitting to some mistakes in "intelligence-gathering," or tactics or planning, etc., it can continue to hide the real aggressive, imperialist aims which have driven the war from the beginning.

The anti-war movement cannot afford to give the U.S. government any breathing space at all. On the contrary. Now is the time to keep the fire burning under the feet of the warmakers, to increase our vigilance and intensify our anti-war struggles.

Let us all work to:

1) Mobilize the broadest sections of public opinion to demand: U.S., Out of Iraq!

2) Carry through the exposure and denunciation of the aggressive, imperialist aims of the war and defend the sovereign rights of the Iraqi people.

3) Organize all kinds of actions and struggles against the warmakers!