DPRK Delegate on Human Rights

Pyongyang, October 31 (reprinted from the Korean Central News Agency -excerpts)

- The main obstacle to the efforts of the international community to improve the effective enjoyment of human rights and basic freedom are the actions which infringe on sovereignty, change systems, and interfere in the internal affairs of other countries....said the DPRK delegate during the discussion of the human rights issue at the 3rd Committee of the 59th UN General Assembly on October 26. He referred to the more undisguised practices of using the human rights issue to attain a strategic goal, distorting or turning away from realities to serve a political purpose.

He vehemently denounced the U.S. military occupation of Iraq and brutal murder of civilians under the cloak of "democracy"... and branded this as an inhumane act of placing politics above humankind and an insult upon human rights. Holding that the attempts to abuse the human rights issue as a tool of unilateral power politics should not be permitted any longer, he noted that any country should not force its politics and economic system upon other countries... A typical attempt to change systems under the pretext of the "human rights" issue is the "North Korean Human Rights Act" recently adopted by the U.S. congress...

It is a foolish pipedream to think that the political and economic system of the DPRK may be changed to suit the U.S. standard, he noted, adding that the U.S. attempt to change the DPRK system will go bust....

It is thanks to the people-centered politics of the DPRK government, enjoying the full support of the people, that the DPRK could firmly advance along the road chosen by itself without any social and political disturbance or vacillation, despite the political pressure, economic sanctions and military threat of foreign forces for nearly 60 years. He stressed:

The DPRK government will more consolidate the Korean-style, man-centered system of ensuring socialist human rights, under the banner of the Juche idea, and actively strive for world justice and the protection and promotion of human rights.