Many-Sided National Cooperation for Korean Reunification

Pyongyang, December 23 (Korean Central News Agency)

The Korean nation has conducted many-sided activities to pave the way for independent reunification through national cooperation under the banner of the Korean-nation-first spirit this year. Pro-reunification functions and various channels of dialogue and contact including the 13th and 14th ministerial talks took place successfully between the north and the south in accordance with the unanimous will of the Korean people to give precedence to the interests of the nation and depend on its own efforts.

There were the 8th and 9th meetings of the North-South Committee for the Promotion of Economic Cooperation and panel meetings and working-level contacts. They dealt with such issues as relinking of rails and roads and cooperation in marine transport between the north and the south, a flood control project along the River Rimjin, construction of the Kaesong industrial zone and settlement of accounts. In the discussions the two sides reached some agreements to delight the fellow countrymen. Two rounds of reunion of separated families and relatives were also held.

In particular, two rounds of Inter-Korean General-level Military Talks were held, with the result that propaganda activities slandering the other side along the Military Demarcation Line have been stopped and the work for withdrawing their means is going on.

The unswerving will of the nation to achieve independence and peaceful reunification with concerted efforts was fully demonstrated through inter-Korean pro-reunification rallies to implement the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration. They included the pro-reunification May Day rally of inter-Korean workers for 2004 in Pyongyang, the Meeting of Our Nation in Inchon, south Korea, the meeting of peasants of the north and south in Mt. Kumgang and the meeting of inter-Korean teachers.

There were many other pro-reunification activities including the gathering of students in the north and south, the meeting of representatives of youth and student organizations in the north, the south and overseas, the inter-Korean meeting to observe the 15th anniversary of Rev. Mun Ik Hwan's visit to Pyongyang and the pan-European function to mark the 4th anniversary of the joint declaration.

Historians and athletes in the north and the south showed their will to defend and glorify the dignity and the soul of the homogeneous nation, which have created the time-honored history and culture, through joint symposiums and contests. Those included the symposium on the wrong designation of the East Sea of Korea as the Japanese Sea, joint materials exhibition demanding the return of cultural treasures looted by the Japanese imperialists, north-south joint photo exhibition hailing the registration of Koguryo relics as world cultural heritage, contact for a joint march of the north and south athletes at the opening ceremony of the 28th Olympic Games.

Meanwhile, a model factory in the Kaesong industrial zone started its operation in December, turning out trial products, an offspring of national unity and cooperation.