Huge Protest in New York City

August 30, 2004

On August 29, on the eve of the Republican Party national convention, hundreds of thousands of people marched in New York city to oppose the government's war program, to demand an end to the ongoing cutbacks in such vital social programs as education, health care, housing, income-support for the impoverished, etc., and to resist the government's attacks on democratic rights.

The protesters filled 20 city blocks as they gathered in the midtown area of Manhattan, and it took nearly five hours for the procession of demonstrators to pass Madison Square Garden, the site of the convention. The march itself was filled with row after row of colorful signs and banners. From nearly every state and countless communities, from many different walks of life, people came to resolutely denounce George Bush and oppose U.S. imperialism's war program.

This demonstration, like thousands of similar actions which have taken place in cities and towns all across America during the past year, shows that the people are further organizing themselves, and once again testifies to the will of the American people.

As the U.S. government continues to defy the will of the people and remain on the warpath, the people have no choice but to further organize themselves in opposition to and struggle against the parties of war and imperialism.