More Threats and Aggression Against Syria

October 10, 2004

U.S. officials have been stepping up pressure against Syria, warning that the Syrian government is "supporting terrorism" and that unless it changes its policy within the next few weeks, the Bush administration will consider economic and military measures. They warned that the U.S. has drafted a range of military options meant to "put Damascus on the defensive and encourage insurrection within Syria."

On September 26, the U.S. State Department reiterated its criticism of Syria, blaming it for attacks against the U.S. military in Iraq. An official stated "If Americans are dying in Iraq because of Syrian policies, then this is something we are not going to tolerate." The official said "It's not just a question of border control...Institutions within Syria are actively colluding with our enemies in Iraq."

In addition, the U.S. government is demanding that Syria end its political support for various Palestinian resistance organizations.