New U.S. Attacks and Pressure Against Syria

October 16, 2005

On October 1, senior members of the Bush administration met to prepare plans for increased military attacks against Syria.

Amongst other options, the Pentagon is preparing Special Operations forces to carry out strikes inside Syria. In fact, several U.S. officials report that such units have begun intelligence-gathering missions on Syrian territory (see NYT, 10/14-05). Already U.S. forces have repeatedly attacked Syrian troops in "cross-border" operations. In addition, the U.S. is trying to drum up support for international economic sanctions as a way to weaken the current Syrian government.

The U.S. tries to justify this aggression by blaming Syria for the "infiltration of foreign fighters" into Iraq. In an October 6 speech, Bush referred to Syria by saying that the U.S. did not distinguish between those who committed acts of terrorism and those who supported or harbored the perpetrators. Again, Bush has appointed himself the Grand Inquisitor with the power to judge and execute the peoples of the world.

Of course, all the talk about "terrorism" is a transparent attempt to hide U.S. terror and aggression against both Iraq and Syria. In Syria, the real goal of the U.S. is to force that country to accept U.S. dictates or face "regime change." Amongst other things, the U.S. demands that Syria stop its political support for the Palestinian resistance movement and such groups as Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Since beginning its "war on terrorism," U.S. imperialism has, in fact, been dreaming of its direct take-over of Syria. The possibility of a fullscale U.S. invasion is a real danger.