War Against Terrorism: Program for World Domination

Build the Popular Front Against War and Imperialism!

...Today, U.S. imperialism and its allies are digging in for the long-term occupation of Afghanistan. Permanent U.S. military bases are being set up and already four thousand U.S. troops and several thousand more from Britain and other capitalist states are occupying the country and making the law. This colonization is justified by the racist logic which claims that the people of Afghanistan are "backward" and "uncivilized" and need the West to "mentor" them in "nation-building."

The U.S. has also used the war in Afghanistan to extend its network of military bases and alliances. The Bush administration and Congressional leaders have repeatedly insisted that the U.S. plans a long-term military presence in Central Asia. The U.S. is setting up a permanent air base and stationing several thousand troops in Kyrgyzstan. New U.S. bases have also been set up in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. The headquarters of the U.S. 3rd Army and 20,000 U.S. troops have been moved to Kuwait where they are carrying out reconnaissance against Somalia and threatening Iraq and the entire region. The U.S. has also greatly strengthened its naval presence in the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea. This includes tens of thousands of troops in naval battlegroups with marines, Special forces and other expeditionary units, air attack squadrons and nuclear-armed submarines.

These military forces are another dagger in the midst of peoples of the region.

The war in Afghanistan was fought not only because of that country's importance as a strategic transit route for the vast oil and gas reserves of the Caspian sea and the Asian republics but also to strengthen the strategic hegemony of U.S. imperialism in this vital region. Central Asia and the Middle East are key zones of rivalry amongst the various imperialist powers and the new U.S. bases and expanded military presence put it within close striking range of Russia and China as well as such regional powers as Iran and Iraq.

U.S. imperialism is using the threat of "Islamic extremists" and "international terrorists," to force the Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others to allow U.S. military forces into their countries. Just like it did in Iraq and Yugoslavia, the U.S. is following the tactic of fomenting tension and "keeping the pot boiling" as a way to project its military power and impose its dictates.

Extending the "War Against International Terrorism"

According to the Bush administration, the war in Afghanistan is only the first round in a "war against international terrorism" which will last several years. The Bush administration has already declared that every country in the world must either support this war and accept the dictates of the U.S. or be "treated like the terrorists."

Already, U.S. imperialism is feverishly preparing new wars in the strategic Gulf region. Shameless in its Hitlerite logic, imperialism is openly targeting countries with "weak central governments" that are considered "ripe for the picking." Thus, for example, Pentagon officials have already declared that "war against Somalia is not a question of if but when." Other states, such as Iraq and North Korea, which have long been on the hit list of imperialism, are being targeted as "sponsors of terror."

So too, the slogan of "fighting against terrorism" is being used by the U.S. to dispatch its troops to fight counter-insurgency wars against the liberations movements of the peoples who are fighting against colonialism, against fascism and capitalism - in the Philippines, in Palestine, in Colombia and throughout the world.

The U.S., relying on its client state of Israel, has already extended this war against international terrorism to Palestine. Turning truth upside-down, the imperialists blame the Palestinian people -- the very people who are the victims of state terror, aggression and colonialism -- as terrorists. And in the name of stamping out terrorism, the U.S. -Israeli aggressors are bombing civilian populations, blockading Palestinian towns, conducting house-to-house search and destroy missions, and assassinating Palestinian leaders. This genocidal war aims at a "final solution" to the "Palestinian problem," -- at liquidating any organized base of the Palestinian nation and Palestinian resistance and leaving the people completely under the guns of the Israeli occupiers who continue to annex the West Bank and Jerusalem.

So too, U.S. imperialism has officially extended its "war against terrorism" to the Philippines. In November, Bush declared that the U.S. would commit "whatever military resources are necessary" to defeat indigenous, insurgent forces which for decades have been fighting against the reactionary governments and U.S. neocolonial domination. Since November, the U.S. has sent an additional $100 million in military equipment and dispatched at least 650 U.S. military "trainers" to direct the Filipino army in a full-scale counter-insurgency war. In defiance of the Philippines' constitution, U.S. troops are already engaged in combat operations on the island of Basilan.

In short, this "war against terrorism" is being used by the U.S. to dispatch its military anywhere and everywhere in order to grab new territories and create new colonies.

Who Are the Real Terrorists?

The nonstop propaganda about "international terrorism" is being used by U.S. imperialism to justify its violation of the very conscience of humanity, to justify aggression against the peoples, to tear up any and all international treaties and the rule of law, to trample on the sovereignty of countries and tear down any and every structure created to prevent war and safeguard peace. Instead, U.S. imperialism has declared that it will impose its will and dictate on anybody and everybody according to the doctrine of "Might Makes Right."

But just as in Afghanistan, in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea and countless other countries, it is the U.S. state which systematically bombed cities and towns, destroyed vital economic infrastructure and the cultural heritage -- in fact, waged war with the specific and declared strategy of targeting, terrorizing and destroying the civilian populations.

It is U.S. imperialism which not only threatens but has used nuclear weapons and other instruments of mass destruction to terrorize nations and to impose its dictate.

It is U.S. imperialism which has organized mercenary armies and paramilitary death squads in Colombia, in Guatemala, in Indonesia, in Nicaragua, to carry out wanton terror and destruction. It is U.S. imperialism, which in South Korea, in Israel, in Haiti and elsewhere, financed and organized the most fascist regimes and instructed them in terrorizing the peoples of their country.

It is the C.I.A. which carried out and continues to carry out covert operations, including assassinations, biological warfare and destabilization campaigns against Cuba, Chile, Iran, etc.

Furthermore, in Afghanistan, it is precisely U.S. imperialism which defied the majority of states in the U.N. and refused to abide by agreed protocols and international law in the pursuit of justice. With this outlaw logic, the Bush administration only exemplified and set new precedents for terrorist actions.

As with the Taliban, the U.S. is labelling North Korea, Iraq, Iran and other states as "terrorist," "rogue states" and sponsors of "weapons of mass destruction," only to screen its attempt to impose its dictates on these and every country. Any state which refuses the U.S. dictate, refuses to come under the military thumb of the U.S., imposes restrictions on the so-called "free market system" or the U.S. and international bankers, will be branded and set up for attack.

Most fundamentally, the U.S. war against international terror is directed against the peoples who rise in struggle for national liberation, progress and emancipation. All this century, it has been the colossal, history-making liberation struggles of the oppressed peoples which, side-by-side with the working class movement for emancipation, have forced the imperialist powers and international law to recognize, at least to a certain extent, the equality of all nations and to respect the sovereignty of countries. It is this great progressive tide of the last 100 years which U.S. imperialism is seeking to override and suppress.

In fact, U.S. imperialism has returned to the openly colonial and racist doctrine of the "white man's" burden, insisting that some nations, some cultures, some religions, some peoples, are too weak, too uncivilized, too backward to be "allowed" the right to self-determination and self-governance and need to be administered and "mentored" by the "morally superior" U.S. imperialists.

Literally following the doctrines and methods of Hitler, U.S. imperialism is going around the world boasting about the death and destruction its military imposed on Afghanistan and telling others they will suffer the same "fate" if they refuse to bend to the dictates of U.S. imperialism....

Build the Popular Front Against War and Imperialism

Already hundreds of millions of people across the globe have come out in opposition to the U.S. war in Afghanistan. In many countries, the capitalist governments are becoming extremely isolated because of their support for U.S. militarism and war. In addition to the peoples, various governments have asserted independent stands against U.S. aggression and in defense of peace and the sovereignty of countries. So too, in the U.S., in the teeth of the government's chauvinist propaganda and fascist war program, millions of Americans have come into the streets to protest the war.

Just as the U.S. government is intent on pursuing its "international war against terrorism", so too, the American people must prepare themselves and organize themselves in opposition to the capitalist war program.

In the present period, U.S. imperialism's war program is intensifying the contradictions of capitalism all along the line. The capitalist class is creating a war psychosis, putting the country on a permanent war footing and using this to push its entire reactionary agenda down the people's throats -- to attack democratic rights and civil liberties, to further slash social investments while militarizing the economy, to subject the entire society to unrestrained militarist and chauvinist propaganda.

The capitalist-imperialist system in the U.S. is built on war and militarism and U.S. imperialism's "war against international terrorism" is a blueprint for war against the countries and peoples of the whole world.

To oppose the capitalist program, the people need to build up the broadest possible front against war and imperialism.

We must oppose each and every aggressive step taken by U.S. imperialism. We must wholeheartedly support the just liberation movements of the oppressed peoples and support the just stands of governments which defend the sovereignty of countries and the rights of the people. We must demand a genuinely democratic foreign policy which puts an end to all U.S. military intervention and aggression, withdraws all U.S. troops stationed abroad, and ends the militarization of economic and social life.

While imperialism means war, the whole history of the last 100 years shows that it is peoples and their struggle for liberation which are the decisive force. The American people must not leave the question of war and peace in the hands of the imperialist warmakers. Rather we must take the initiative and unfold a powerful movement to stay the hands of the warmakers and overthrow imperialism once and for all."