Growing Anti-War Movement

(April 30, 2002)

On April 19-22, over 150,000 people demonstrated against U.S. imperialism's war program in a series of protests throughout the country.

The central demonstration, one of the largest anti-war actions in years, was held in Washington, D.C. with more than 70,000 participating. A primary focus of this and other actions around the country was opposition to U.S.-Israeli aggression and support for the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people. Tens of thousands of people carried the Palestinian national flag and many signs demanded an end to U.S. aid to Israel. In addition to the Washington demonstration, large actions were organized in San Francisco, Houston, Portland, Duluth, Orlando, Denver and many other cities.

The demonstrators represented people from all walks of life and diverse organizations, including workers, anti-interventionist organizations, community groups, student organizations, churches, etc. In addition to opposing U.S.-Israeli aggression, people spoke out against the U.S. occupation and war against Afghanistan, against U.S. counter-insurgency war in Colombia, against neo-liberalism and capitalist globalization and on many other issues.

The breadth of these anti-war actions is another sign that a new anti-war movement is developing amongst the American people. Over the last several months, many new and veteran activists have come forward and, rather than confining themselves to reactive protests, have begun organizing an ongoing movement with the aim of stopping and defeating Bush's "international war against terrorism."

The vigorous support for the Palestinian liberation also reflected the growing maturity and politicalization of the anti-war movement which is responding, in timely fashion, to develop broad opposition to imperialism's war program.

Nourishing and consolidating this new anti-war movement is one of the vital tasks facing the American people. U.S. imperialism, which wants and needs war to protect and expand its capitalist system, is extending its war on international terrorism to every corner of the globe. This "war against terrorism" is U.S. imperialism's blueprint for maintaining itself as the sole superpower through force of arms. The targets of this war include the liberation struggles of the oppressed peoples which are fighting against colonialism and imperialism and the people of any country or state which opposes the dictates of U.S. imperialism.

Strengthening this emerging anti-war movement means that the workers and activists must politicize themselves so as to strengthen their political independence and opposition to the capitalist parties of war and imperialism and to extend the anti-war movement to ever-wider sections of the people.