Anti-War Forums

January 6, 2003

Beginning this month the Anti-Imperialist News Service (AINS) is organizing a regular monthly meeting in Chicago devoted to the topic: "How to Advance the Struggle Against War!"

The first forum will be held on January 19. The meeting will begin with a presentation by Michael Thorburn, editor of "The Worker," entitled "Only the Peoples Can Stop Imperialism's War Program!" An open discussion will follow.

These forums can play an important role in further uniting and organizing the anti-war struggles. The forums will take up the vital work of politicalization and assist activists to look into the causes of the war program, analyze the balance of forces in the struggle for peace, sum up experience and discuss the strategy and tactics of their movement.

The AINS invites anti-war activists and people from all walks of life to take part in these discussions.

For more information: e-mail: or call (312) 409-1127.