Mass Protests Greet Bush in Argentina

November 7, 2005

The Fourth "Summit of the Americas" ended on November 5 with another defeat for U.S. imperialism and its proposed "Free Trade Area of the Americas." George Bush's agenda for the summit was to win approval of his plan for resuming negotiations on the FTAA. The leaders of the 34 countries in attendance refused to endorse this plan and several thoroughly rejected the FTAA.

In opposition to the "official" summit, representatives of hundreds of popular organizations from across the hemisphere, including a Cuban delegation led by President Ricardo Alarcon, held the third Peoples' Summit from November 1-4. More than 80,000 people attended a mass meeting held on November 4 to conclude the Peoples' Summit. President Huge Chavez of Venezuela spoke at this rally.

The Peoples' Summit denounced the FTAA as an annexationist, colonial treaty aimed at facilitating the direct economic take-over of Latin America by U.S. imperialism. The Peoples' Summit also demanded cancellation of the foreign debt which is strangulating the economies of Latin America and the reversal of the whole program of "neo-liberalism" which includes the denationalization of state-owned industries, foreign take-over of Latin America's economy, cutbacks in social investments, attacks on workers' rights, etc. The people also denounced U.S. imperialism's war against Iraq and its entire program of militarism and world domination.

The Peoples' Summit further developed the program for a genuine alternative -- envisioning a free and independent Latin America, a Latin America without colonialism and U.S. domination, without oppression and exploitation.

All-in-all November began as another bad month for U.S. imperialism and a harbinger of the ever-greater struggles against war, colonialism and exploitation which the peoples everywhere are preparing.