Let Us Continue the Struggle!

April 29, 2003

by Bill Foster

The media and the government say "the war is over." But anyone who looks can see that the Iraqi people are resisting U.S. occupation and that the Bush administration is preparing yet more wars.

The media and the government say that the anti-war movement "accomplished nothing" and that we should just forget about it. But thousands of new activists who have come forward are still speaking out and getting further organized.

The capitalists want the people to forget but we will remember what we have seen and learned.

We have exposed the lies of the media and government; we have seen and learned that the capitalist class is, and will remain, on the warpath.

Most importantly, we have seen a glimpse of the colossal strength of the people when they stand up and come out together. Starting practically from scratch, Americans in every city and town began to speak out amongst their peers in their neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, churches, etc. We stood up against the war in our millions and tens of millions and despite the blockade of the media brought our anti-war movement to centerstage. For many, this movement was a new awakening. The anti-war movement was and is about the American people asserting their aspiration for peace and demanding a say-so in the direction of our country; it is an expression of our people's America which stands with the peoples of the world in the struggle against aggression and colonialism.

Yet it must be admitted that the shortcoming of this movement was that it was largely spontaneous, that the masses of people who marched in the streets and spoke out amongst their peers did not keep the direction and organization of the struggle in their own hands.

In the final analysis, the lesson of the last several months is that we must channel the tremendous energy and courage of the anti-war movement into organization, organization and more organization.

We know that the government is preparing more wars. We know that the people need and demand peace. We cannot afford to wait and react later. We need to organize now and build up a proactive movement.

This means that more than ever, we need to stand up and speak out against war and imperialism. We need to strengthen the foundations of our movement by further politicizing ourselves. We need to build independent, anti-imperialist organizations which empower the people and which target the capitalist class and the imperialist system as the source of war.

The struggle between the parties of war and imperialism, on the one side, and the people, on the other, has not disappeared. It is intensifying.

We have only just begun to fight, let us continue the struggle!