Don't Give the Warmakers Any Breathing Space!

The following article is reprinted from The Worker, newspaper of the Workers Party, USA

March 12, 2007

Precisely because the overwhelming majority of Americans are opposing the war in Iraq, the warmakers are relying on the Democratic Party to buy themselves time to continue the war.

The Democrats try to create the illusion that something is being done to stop the wars, even as they escalate them.

Last month, the Democrats in the House of Representatives passed a nonbinding resolution criticizing Bush for sending more troops to Iraq. This same resolution expressed support for the war; in fact, the Democrats have made it clear they intend to provide even more funds for the war than Bush. Most recently, the Democrats are drafting various bills which are advertised as calling for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq sometime in 2008. Besides giving Bush 12-18 months to escalate the war, these new bills actually call for withdrawing only some troops and would leave 70,000 or more troops in Iraq. The Democrats also want to use any troops leaving Iraq to escalate the war in Afghanistan. (see p. 3).

The fact is that the Democrats control both houses of Congress and, together with the Republicans, they are waging the wars.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties are parties of war and imperialism; over the last 50 years they have worked together to wage one war after another - in Korea and Vietnam, in El Salvador and Nicaragua, in Yugoslavia and Iraq, etc.

Today, 4 years after the invasion of Iraq, the lies used to justify the war have been exposed and Bush is universally denounced as a war criminal. This is why the warmakers are relying on the Democrats and their catch-phrase "now, that we're there, we can't just leave" to keep the war going.

Every day, the American people become more vocal and more organized in their opposition to the war. That is why the warmakers are advertising the Democrats as "anti-war leaders" to prevent the people from taking the initiative into their own hands.

The American people are demanding the immediate, total withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq; that is why the Democrats are desperately trying to dull the edge of this demand with endless talk about "timetables," "redeployments," and "drawdowns."

The American people are extending their anti-war struggle to oppose every front of U.S. imperialism's "war on terrorism" - demanding an end to the war in Afghanistan, an end to U.S. support for Israeli aggression, an end to U.S. threats against Iran, North Korea and everywhere. That is why the Democrats are desperately trying to narrow the anti-war movement.

Every anti-war activist must step up the struggle to isolate and expose the Democratic Party.

We must oppose the Democrats because they are the party in power waging the war.

We must oppose the Democrats because any illusion buys time for the war. Thoroughly breaking with and opposing the Democrats is essential to developing the initiative and independent organization of the people themselves.

Only the peoples can stop the wars!