Bush Greeted by Huge Protests In Indonesia

November 26, 2006

On November 20-21, tens of thousands of people turned out to protest a visit by President Bush to Indonesia.

Marking the last in a series of week-long protests against the visit, huge throngs of people marched through the streets of Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, and gathered at mosques to oppose Bush. Chants of "War criminal Bush" and "You are a terrorist" echoed throughout the streets.

Bush spent just six hours while in Indonesia on November 21, at a presidential retreat outside the capital protected by thousands of Indonesia troops and police. The entire downtown center of Jakarta was locked-down during his stay, traffic was prohibited, most streets had been cleared, and some were blocked with razor wire and water cannon.

The visit to Indonesia was the last stop for Bush during a 5-day Asia tour that included visits to Singapore and Vietnam, where a summit of APEC leaders took place.