Condemn U.S.-Israeli Aggression!

(Reprinted from July 31, 2006 edition of "The Worker," newspaper of the Workers Party, USA)

The conscience of the entire world is condemning the calculated and savage bombardment of the civilian populations in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip by the U.S.-Israeli aggressors.

Within a few weeks, thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians, nearly all civilians and 1/3 children, have been killed or wounded. One million Lebanese have become refugees. The infrastructure of Gaza, including power generation, sewage and sanitation, roads and bridges, housing, etc., lies in ruins as does Lebanon's. Still the bombardment continues and Israeli forces, rapidly re-armed by the U.S., are planning to expand their operations.

The declared objectives of the U.S. and Israelis brand them as the aggressors - the colonizers - that they are. The immediate aims of the war are: 1) for Israel to occupy part of southern Lebanon; 2) impose a U. S.-Israeli client regime on the rest of Lebanon; and 3) crush the resistance of the Lebanese people. In the words of Israeli Justice Minister Haim Ramon: "all those now in south Lebanon are terrorists and targets in the war."

In Gaza, the U.S.-Israeli aims are also to 1) occupy part of the territory; 2) force a change in the make-up of the Palestinian Authority, the elected government; and 3) crush the resistance which again means terrorizing the entire Palestinian people.

The U.S.-Israeli aggressors are also threatening Syria and Iran. Condoleezza Rice has warned that the U.S. aims to create a "new Middle East" in which all opposition to U.S. colonialism is suppressed and every government is loyal to U.S. interests.

The wars against Palestine and Lebanon, as well as the pressure against Syria and Iran, are part of U.S. imperialism's so-called "war on terrorism." From Afghanistan to Iraq to Palestine and Lebanon, U.S. imperialism has set the region on fire.

These wars will continue because they arise from the very nature of U. S. imperialism - its drive for profits and empire. Only the struggle of the peoples can stop the wars.

To win a just, lasting peace in the Middle East, the peoples must:

1) Throw U.S. imperialism out of the region, lock, stock and barrel!

2) Force the Israeli aggressors back to their lair and keep them there!

A just peace must guarantee the security and independence of Lebanon and include the establishment of a genuinely independent Palestinian state.

The heroic resistance of the Lebanese and Palestinian people, side-by-side with the liberation struggles in Iraq and Afghanistan, are in the forefront of the world struggle against imperialism and for peace. Despite the military strength of the aggressors, the Lebanese people have repeatedly thwarted the ground invasion and inflicted heavy blows on the Israeli army. So too, in Gaza, the Palestinian resistance has forced the Israelis to retreat time and again. The Palestinian and Lebanese nations are uniting around the resistance struggle.

The American people must contribute to this struggle, so crucial to the future of humanity and the rights of the people. We must join in mass struggles to demand:

End U.S. Aid to Israel!

Withdraw All U.S. troops from the region!


As "The Worker" goes to press, Condoleezza Rice has begun talking about a "ceasefire" in Lebanon. The U.S.-Israeli aggressors are now forced to talk this way because of the victories of the Lebanese resistance combined with the worldwide outrage at the aggressors. But the phoney "peace talk" of Rice only seeks to gain by diplomacy what the U. S.-Israeli aggressors cannot win on the battlefield. The U.S. "ceasefire" is based on dispatching 20,000 international troops to Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah and protect Israel.