Cuba Denounces Bush Speech

(May 29, 2002)

On Monday, May 20, George Bush gave speeches in both Washington, D.C. and Miami outlining his administration's policy towards Cuba. Bush emphasized that he will continue to maintain the illegal U.S. embargo and blockade and keep up the all-sided economic, political, diplomatic and military pressure against Cuba until the country changes its economic and political system and accepts U.S. dictates.

In a commentary on Bush's policy, Radio Havana, said on May 21:

"Out of step with history and reality, the president of the United States, George Bush, on Monday gave the world another example of intolerance and political blindness. He spoke first in Washington, D.C. then in Miami in commemoration of the one hundredth anniversary of US intervention in Cuba. Pressured by right-wing sectors, the leader of the nation that seeks to lead the world in a holy war against terrorism, demonstrated the cynicism and double standards that have become his trademark."

"It is certainly cynical to talk of democracy and human rights in other countries while at the same time publicly announcing that Washington will maintain measures that restrict fundamental rights of its own citizens, who are expressly prohibited from traveling to Cuba. Citizens and US residents are also banned for trading with the Caribbean island. Is this the way a champion of "free trade" acts?"

"And if we are talking about double standards, what better example than the presence of the leaders of the ultra right-wing terrorist organization Cuban National Foundation at a 25 thousand dollar-a-plate fundraiser dinner for the Republican Party and the president's brother Jeb Bush's electoral campaign? What is the world to think when two Cuban Americans convicted of murdering former Chilean foreign minister, Orlando Letelier, in a terrorist attack in the heart of the United States, are invited guests at the fundraiser where they are embraced by other promoters of terrorism? And remember this lavish dinner party was held in the city of Miami, the same city where a court recently freed the Salvadoran generals who ordered the kidnapping, torture and murder of four U.S. nuns."

"What is strange indeed is that this same man who seeks to lead a world crusade against terrorism fails to begin his campaign by cleaning his own house. Instead, he defines "axis of evil" and leaves out terrorist institutions based in Florida. Regarding Cuba, no one here lost any sleep yesterday and few were surprised at what Bush had to say in his two speeches. Cuba has survived more than forty years of bellicose rhetoric emanating from the White House and the latest outburst was just more of the same."