The US Government Will Never Have the Moral Authority to Fight Terrorism

The following is excerpted from a speech given by Cuban President Fidel Castro in Havana, on March 8, 2002.

...the United States has launched all its forces to invade nations, using its most sophisticated and destructive weapons, declaring a long, indefinite and imprecise world war against terrorism.

With the height of superiority and arrogance, it has threatened more than 80 countries and taken the liberty to indicate which are, or are not, terrorists. It also has the gall to mention Cuba among those terrorist nations, when in reality thousands of Cubans have died as a result of terrorism from t he United States, and not one single US citizen has suffered the slightest scratch or harm from any act of this type by Cuba.

It goes without saying that our country cannot be intimidated. By using such stupid threats, they are banging their heads against a brick wall.

The US government must ask Cuba's forgiveness for the thousands of acts of aggression, sabotage and terrorism committed against our country for the last 43 years. The US government must ask Cuba's forgiveness for over three decades of economic war and the total blockade of food and medicine; these are genocidal acts which even in times of war are sanctioned by 1948 and 1949 international treaties signed by both nations. The US government must compensate our country for crimes that have caused enormous suffering and the loss of tens of thousands of lives. The US government must break with the Miami terrorist mafia, which organised and financed brutal acts of terror such as the explosion of a Cuban aeroplane in full flight with 73 passengers on board, all of whom perished, and the innumerable bomb attacks on Cuban buildings and hotels, hundreds of assassination attempts on leaders of the Cuban Revolution, biological warfare against people, animals and plants. The US government must arrest and try Orlando Bosch, the well-known terrorist who, along with others, freely walks the streets of Miami. The US government must stop protecting Posada Carriles and demand that justice be done for him and the other criminals who brought scores of kilogram s of extremely powerful explosives into Panama, planning to kill hundreds of young university students with the aim of assassinating the Cuban delegation to the Ibero-American Summit, in Panama City. The US government must eliminate the Torricelli Act, the Helms-Burton Act and numerous amendments aimed at tightening up the blockade against our country. The US government must eliminate the murderous Cuban Adjustment Act, which has cost the lives of so many women, children, elderly and other citizens, and continues to take the lives of the people of Cuba.

The US government must discuss with Cuba the illegal and arbitrary occupation of a piece of our territory, to come to an agreement about when it will be returned to our country. The US government must respect the Cuban people's right to self-determination, as well as the economic and political system it has decided to follow.

The US government will never have the moral authority to fight terrorism as long as it continues to use such practices against countries like Cuba, and continues to support massive, repugnant and brutal massacres such as those being perpetrated by its ally, the state of Israel, against the Palestinian people. It must renounce its policy of world domination, stop intervening in other countries, respect the authority of the United Nations and honour the treaties it has signed. These are indispensable requisites for achieving a climate of peace in the world and eradicating that odious scourge of terrorism....