On the Presence of International Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles in U.S. Territory

Below we excerpt a statement by Dagoberto Rodriguez, Chief of the Cuban Interests Section, Washington, D.C., April 15, 2005.

Late March 2005, some media outlets reported the presence of the confessed international terrorist, Luís Posada Carriles in the U.S. territory. Such information was confirmed on April 13th, when Posada Carriles applied for political asylum in the United States and issued a statement reaffirming his vocation for terrorism, the validity of such methods and his decision to go on using them.

On April 1st, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cuban Interests Section in Washington, simultaneously demanded from the U.S. Interests Section in Havana and from the State Department, through a diplomatic note, official confirmation of Posada Carriles' presence in the United States and, in such a case, his immediate deportation to Cuba, or, in case the U.S. Government does not want to do it for political or other reasons, that he were prosecuted in the U.S. for his terrorist atrocities. On April 11th, Cuban President Fidel Castro demanded that the U.S. President George W. Bush respond before the world whether it was true that his government was harboring in its territory this well known international terrorist.

Up to now, no U.S. government authority has issued a word on this matter. The silence of the U.S. government does not surprise us. It has been its historical behavior to harbor terrorists of Cuban origin in U.S. territory, giving them shelter and protection. During a long time, terrorism was the favorite method applied by the U.S. in its efforts to overthrow the Cuban government and that is why it trained, armed and financed them.

Maybe for that reason, on April 12th, during the State Department's regular briefing, asked on this issue, spokesman Richard Boucher replied: "I think it's probably topics we've always -- we've addressed many times in the past. I'm not sure there's anything new there." Unfortunately Boucher was right: to harbor terrorists operating against Cuba is not new for the U.S. government.

Posada Carriles' terrorist dossier is widely known, as is known his public acknowledgment of his actions. Among the dozen and dozen terrorists acts carried out by Posada Carriles, the most despicable was the bombing of a Cuban airliner in midair flight on October 6th, 1976, in which all 73 passengers and crew members were killed. He sponsored and organized also nine bomb attacks against Cuban hotels, restaurants and discotheques in Havana during the summer of 1997. For those actions he hired, trained and financed Central American terrorists. An Italian tourist was killed and 11 others people were wounded. [Posada Carriles boasts of these crimes in an interview in the "New York Times" on July 12, 1998 -- ed.]

In November 2000, Posada Carriles and other three henchmen were arrested while preparing conditions for setting off a powerful bomb at the University of Panama's Conference Hall, where President Fidel Castro was due to deliver a speech before hundreds of university students. Posada Carriles was sentenced to 8 years in prison, but eventually he was pardoned by the outgoing Panama's President, Mireya Moscoso, mainly under pressure by U.S. high ranking government officials in close coordination with their allies in Miami.

It is significant that, during the last few days in several statements to the press, Posada Carriles' attorney, Eduardo Soto, has made special emphasis on Posada's services to the CIA. It is clear that, at this moment, Posada Carriles pretends to cash back the debt for having acted, direct or indirectly, on behalf of the U.S. government interests during many years....

Acting against a terrorist such as Posada Carriles means also to make justice to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. We demand from Mr. Bush, on behalf of the survivors and the victims' relatives of Posada Carriles' actions, and on behalf of the Cuban people, to stop harboring and protecting cold-blooded mass murderers and monstrous terrorists.

We demand from Mr. Bush not to follow the ill fated lessons from his father, who granted pardon to another infamous terrorist named Orlando Bosh, who now walks freely in Miami.

We demand from Mr. Bush to have enough courage to break ties with the Miami terrorists, to put Luis Posada Carriles under arrest immediately, and to make sure that he pays for his many crimes in U.S. courts of law, in Venezuela's, or before an international tribunal in an impartial place.

The world watches, Mr. Bush!!