Cuban President Denounces U.S. Terrorism in Iraq

April 25, 2004

On April 19, Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, participated in a Roundtable TV and radio program to discuss the 43rd anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by the U.S.

The Cuban leader stated that April 19, 1961, is a date that should never be forgotten, because it was when a "little ant" like Cuba, with its morals, principles and revolutionary pride, faced down the "elephant" that the Northern power represents.

During the program, Fidel Castro denounced the U.S. war against Iraq, pointing out that the real objective of the U.S. was to seek oil and establish a fascist doctrine under which the U.S. assumes the "right" to launch a surprise attack against any country at any time.

Castro further said that: "It is possible to conquer a nation with all that power, but not to administrate one. We said so before the war began, and our predictions have been fulfilled to the letter....They are using planes, helicopters and missiles to kill leaders. Never before has terrorism reached such a level."

"Our neighbors were the ones to invent terrorism and still have not abandoned that formula," he emphasized in reference to the United States.