Cuba Refutes U.S. Lies

Statement from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Last Wednesday, April 30, the U.S. government presented its annual report "Patterns of Global Terrorism." In this document, Cuba is once again included on the list of states that allegedly sponsor terrorism at international level.

The government of Cuba once again energetically rejects the infamous inclusion of our country in this unilateral and spurious list. The Bush administration is once again lying to the U.S. and international public in its desire to justify with false accusations the cruel and inhuman policy of blockade, hostility and aggression in the case of Cuba.

With this action, the United States is increasing its own lack of credibility in its campaign against international terrorism by having recourse to political manipulations and flagrant lies against Cuba in its obsession to destroy the Revolution.

In an arbitrary form the U.S. government has included Cuba on the list of countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism in the world, while rejecting through the use of empty, irrational arguments lacking any solid base, Cuba’s proposal to subscribe to a Bilateral Program for Combating Terrorism, placed before the U.S. government on November 29, 2001 and reiterated on December 3, 2001, March 12, 2002, and December 17, 2002 at the 19th round of migratory talks between the two countries.

Petty electoral motivations in Florida, where the terrorist mafia that have organized hundreds of acts of terrorism against Cuba with total impunity, and a visceral hatred of the example and alternative that the Cuban Revolution represents for the Third World nations have led the U.S. government to negate the political rationale which its campaign against international terrorism could have had by including Cuba on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Maybe more than any other country in the world, Cuba knows what terrorism means. Since 1959 we have been the victim of the most cruel and merciless terrorism, frequently sponsored, protected, financed and organized by the U.S. government itself, and which has resulted in the death of thousands of Cuban citizens.

The Cuban Revolution’s policy in relation to terrorism does not admit any questions or doubts, far less those coming from Washington.

Cuba condemns all acts, methods and practices of terrorism in all their forms and manifestations, wherever, by whoever commits them, against whom they are committed and whatever their motivations. At the same time, it condemns any action whose objective is to encourage, support, finance or cover up any terrorist act, method or practice. Cuba was among the first nations to energetically and unhesitatingly condemn the crime of September 11, 2001; it expressed our people’s condolences to the U.S. people and our disposition to provide medical and humanitarian aid to the victims, and immediately offered to open its airspace and airports to passenger planes en route to the United States at that difficult moment.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba denounces before the people of Cuba and world public opinion the fallacies and lies with which the U.S. government is attempting to deceive the world and its own people as a way of sustaining its aggressive and hostile policy against our country.


From December 1979, as part of its world hegemonic policy, the U.S. government has been publishing the above mentioned list of alleged "states sponsoring international terrorism."

All kinds of economic sanctions, blockades, freezing of assets in U.S. banks and measures of political isolation, et cetera, have been applied ever since against these states.

At this point in time the list includes seven countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Libya, the Democratic Republic of Korea and Cuba. One glance at the list clearly reveals the political objective that animates it.

Additionally, in 1981, the State Department began to publish and annual report entitled "Patterns of Global Terrorism," through which it notifies the U.S. Congress -- according to its unilateral beliefs lacking any legal basis or international approval -- on the situation of international terrorism in the preceding year.

Cuba was added to the list in March 1982. That same year, the State Department annual report on "Patterns of Global Terrorism" refers to Cuba for the first time. Since then and for 21 years, the U.S. government has persisted with its calumnious and cynical accusations against Cuba in relation to terrorism.

Through all these years, the pretexts for including Cuba on the list have varied, but their lack of veracity or objectivity and the weakness of our accuser’s attempts to sustain them have always been evident. The U.S. government has never and never will be able to prove Cuba’s participation in any act of terrorism whatsoever. Its false arguments have been systemically eroded with the passing of time, and have even resulted in U.S. government officials recognizing that Cuba’s inclusion is no more than a political weapon against our country.