One Million People in Havana Condemn the USA and the EU


The following article is reprinted from Granma International, June 12, 2003.

THE Cuban capital awoke at the crack of dawn today with the mobilization of more than one million people in this city and neighboring Habana province, to march on the embassies of Spain and Italy in condemnation of the threats made by the European Union (EU) in conspiracy with the Nazi-fascist government of George W. Bush. The demonstration in front of the Spanish embassy in Old Havana was headed by President Fidel Castro.

Another tight column of demonstrators marched on the Italian embassy in the Miramar district, some 10 kilometers west of the Spanish mission, headed by First Vice President Raśl Castro. Carrying Cuban flags and placards reiterating, among other slogans" "We have no fear of you," and "Cuba must be respected," the demonstrators expressed their condemnation of the attitude adopted by the EU, which has aligned itself to the politics of the Washington administration that has maintained an ironclad economic blockade of the island for more than 40 years and is threatening further measures. This is the policy being reinforced by the announced decisions of the European bloc countries.

The Spanish and Italian embassies were the focuses of the demonstrations because the governments of those two countries stand out in the anti-Cuban conspiracy that the United States has been fomenting since the triumph of the Revolution led by Fidel Castro, which expelled the Bloody dictatorship of Fulgencia Batista from power. The demonstrators charged Prime Minister Aznar of Spain and Berlusconi of Italy with becoming lackeys of the U.S. administration.

The demonstration, called some hours earlier by the Communist Party and the mass organizations, was a display of the capacity for unity and mobilization existing on the island when it comes to defending the Revolution, as one of the protestors pointed out.

In a special television program transmitted last night President Fidel Castro warned that Cuba would not give up one iota of its sovereignty and would defend it under any circumstances. He also affirmed that if the United States should attack Cuba, those persons who put their names to the EU statement would bear a large responsibility. He noted that by subscribing to such a repugnant and criminal document, the EU is cooperating with the Nazi-fascist politics of the current U.S. administration.