13th U.S.-Cuba Friendship Caravan Arrives in Havana

July 28, 2002

On July 21, one hundred participants in the 13th U.S.-Cuba Friendship Caravan arrived in Havana.

The Caravan brought nearly 80 tons of humanitarian assistance, including medicines, educational supplies, ambulances, school busses and other vehicles, donated by U.S. community organizations, individuals, schools, churches and other groups.

The Friendship Caravans, organized by the Pastors for Peace every year since 1992, are a direct challenge to the U.S. government's illegal blockade against Cuba. This year, for the second time, the Friendship Caravan will further challenge the embargo by bringing back health-related products made in Cuba but which cannot now be imported into the U.S.

Before arriving in Havana, the Caravan travelled to over 90 cities in the U.S. and Canada to collect donations and further mobilize public opinion against the blockade.