U. S. Urged to Roll Back Its Hostile Policy toward DPRK

Pyongyang, August 27 (reprinted from the Korean Central News Agency -- KCNA)

Some days ago, the U.S. chief executive appointed former presidential aide Lefkowitz as "envoy for the human rights issue of north Korea." Supporting this appointment, a spokesman for the White House said it would help somebody redouble his efforts to improve human rights situation and reinforce the U.S. efforts. In this regard Rodong Sinmun Saturday says in its signed commentary:

The appointment proves that what the U.S. had said before its dialogue partner does not agree with what it has done later. This, at the same time, indicates that the U.S. policy to bring down the "system" in the DPRK has gone over to the phase of practice from the legislative phase.

Such U.S. behavior is a very disturbing act as it is little short of challenging the DPRK which has shown generous magnanimity and flexibility for a solution to the nuclear issue and an act of throwing a hurdle in the way of the six-party talks. The U.S. seems not to be interested in the dialogue and the settlement of the nuclear issue at all but more keen on standing in confrontation with the DPRK and bringing about a "regime change" and "bringing down the system" in the DPRK. If the U.S. persists in such behavior, it will compel the DPRK to change its mind. The U.S. should abolish at once such unreasonable post of "envoy" and abandon its ambition to "bring down the system in the DPRK."