Ecuadorian President Calls for Constituent Assembly

The following article is reprinted from Granma International

BY ELSA CLARO AND JOSE MANUEL CORREA, Granma daily special correspondents.

(QUITO, Jan. 15) At his investiture ceremony, attended by 12 heads of state, six vice presidents and a prince, President Rafael Correa said that "the peoples will not forgive us if we do not achieve progress on the integration of Our America, to use Martí’s essential concept. Because of that history of shared dreams, the Ecuadorian government expresses to its brothers and sisters its profound commitment to the integration of our people."

The new president affirmed that "the main axis of that citizens’ revolution is a constitutional revolution."

"The mandate of the citizens was clear: we want a deep-going transformation, our ruling classes have failed, and we want a democracy in which we are heard, in which our representatives understand that they are our leaders, and that we citizens are their constituents."