Editorial Statement of the “Anti-Imperialist News Service”

February 6, 2006

Over the last few months, a number of major European newspapers have published a series of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a fanatical terrorist. According to the New York Times the cartoons "include one depicting Muhammad with a bomb in place of a turban on his head and another showing him on a cloud in heaven telling an approaching line of smoking suicide bombers, 'stop, stop, we ran out of virgins!'"

These cartoons, along with the spate of articles and editorials defending this racism as "freedom of speech" again expose the monopoly-owned media as a mouthpiece for imperialist war.

The NYT summarizes the issue in this way: "Most European commentators concede that the cartoons were in poor taste but argue that conservative Muslims must learn to accept Western standards of free speech and the pluralism that those standards protect." The NYT further asserts that Europe's "Muslim population [whose] customs and values are often at odds with Europe's secular societies" and that "the cartoons have ignited a general debate over freedom of expression and a cultural clash between the west and Islam."

In the present situation, this racist characterization of Muslims as "terrorists" is not only vile racism but a direct incitement to war. According to the standards of civilized humanity and even according to international law, this war propaganda is a crime and an act of war. According to the NYT however, it is merely in "poor taste."

In fact, according to the NYT it is the Muslims who must be condemned until they "learn to accept Western standards of free speech and pluralism."

These then are the Western capitalist values, hiding behind the slogans of "free speech" and "pluralism": 1) the right of U.S. imperialism to invade countries, terrorize, colonize, and dehumanize entire nations. 2) Anyone who objects to this terrorism and genocide and racism is narrow-minded and intolerant.