Updates From Other Fronts in Bush's War

April 11, 2003

Even while the monopoly-controlled media focuses on the war in Iraq, the Bush administration is continuing its aggression and occupation of Afghanistan and Palestine.


On April 9, a U.S. warplane dropped a 1,000-pound laser-guided bomb on a house in Afghanistan, killing at least 11 civilians. The bombing was part of a U.S. military operation directed against Afghan resistance forces who are fighting against U.S. occupation and the puppet government in Kabul.

In fact, in recent weeks, the Pentagon has admitted that U.S. troops are coming under attack on a daily basis. The resistance forces are expanding their ranks and include not only the forces of the Taliban but also a broad front of Afghan political and religious groups opposed to U.S. occupation.

The fact that after 18 months, U.S. imperialism has still failed to suppress the resistance or establish a stable colonial government is a harbinger of what it can expect in Iraq.


Eighteen months ago, when the Bush administration invaded Afghanistan, it simultaneously gave the Israeli government orders to occupy Palestine and suppress the Palestinian liberation struggle by force of arms.

Similarly, today, the U.S. is using its war against Iraq to screen yet more U.S.-Israeli aggression in Palestine.

- On April 8, 8 Palestinians were killed and 50 wounded when an Israeli F-16 plane bombed a densely populated residential area in the Gaza Strip.

- The next day, 3 more Palestinians were killed in the Gaza after thousands of people poured into the streets for the funerals of those killed.

- On April 2, Israeli occupation troops, supported by helicopters, attacked the refugee camp in Tulkarem, rounding up at least 1,500 citizens and expelling them from the area for 3 days. The Israeli peace group Gush Shalom said that the Tulkaren raid was "a dress rehearsal for 'transfer', an army training exercise for mass expulsion."