Tens of Thousands March Against Globalization and War

June 8, 2003

From May 30 to June 4, tens of thousands of people demonstrated in the French and Swiss regions around Lake Geneva to protest the annual summit meeting of the G-8 leaders. The G-8 summit is an annual event organized by the heads of state of the top industrialized nations to discuss major economic and political issues.

100,000 people demonstrate against the G-8 summit near the French town of Evian on June 1.

On June 1, an estimated 100,000 people participated in a demonstration near the French town of Evian, where the summit was taking place. Masses turned out for a huge double march, one beginning in the French town of Annemasse and the other in Geneva. Other mass actions were organized on every day of the summit.

The demonstrators were protesting the reactionary economic and political program of the world leaders, especially targeting U.S. imperialism and its war against Iraq. These anti-G8 protests are part of a worldwide movement against capitalist globalization through which the peoples are stepping up their struggles against capitalist exploitation and imperialist domination.

Today, U.S. and world imperialism are trying to turn the clock back and openly carve out colonial possessions and spheres of influence. They are creating a "new world order" based on continuous and permanent war. The vigorous protests show, however, that the peoples are stepping up their resistance to the capitalist agenda and the war program of U.S. imperialism.