The UN in Haiti: Part of the Problem, Not the Solution

September 4, 2005

The following is excerpted from an August 30 article by the Haiti Information Project

As reports continue to surface about the human rights hell that Haiti has become, any independent observer must ask how many massacres the Haitian police will commit under the tutelage of U.N. forces before the

U. N. is held accountable? Are U.N. forces in charge of the PNH, as their mandate states, or do we simply accept their excuse of being unable to stem police violence against Aristide's supporters.

How many massacres, like the one U.N. forces carried out on July 6 in Cité Soleil, must be committed before we acknowledge that their role in Haiti is far from altruistic? How many more political prisoners need to rot away in Haitian jails, as the U.N. continues to support and bolster the U.S.-installed regime of de facto Prime Minister Gérard Latortue? How many times has the U.N. called for investigations into human rights violations by the Haitian police only to have it lead nowhere as the slaughter of innocent Haitians continues? When will we admit that the U. N. mission itself is fundamentally corrupt?

The U.N. is responsible for creating the very environment that has given rise to the police state in Haiti. Some human rights organizations believe that the U.N. can play a positive role, if pressured to do so. They think that only the U.N. stands between the naked repression of the Haitian police and the majority of the population that continues to demand Aristide's return. But this thinking is naive and dangerous.

It is dangerous because it ultimately views the poor majority as powerless and serves the interests of those who wish to further take power and voice away from Haiti's poor. This is precisely the role being played by the U.N., whose fundamental goal is to legitimize last year's coup with sham elections this fall. The U.S.-installed Latortue regime would not stay in power for more than a week without the guns of the U.N. protecting it in the Presidential Palace. And the sham elections would not be possible either.

Objectively, the U.N. has proven time and again that it is enforcing Washington's coup agenda and is ultimately responsible for the human rights nightmare in Haiti today.