U. N. Steps Up Repression in Haiti

January 22, 2006

U. N. military forces are again stepping up their repression against the people of Haiti.

Since January 1, U.N. troops have killed at least 26 civilians during raids in the poor neighborhood of Cite Soleil. Cite Soleil, a center of support for the pro-Aristide Lavalas movement and a bastion of resistance to the U.S.-U.N. occupation, has been under siege since the U. S. invaded the country in 2004. Hundreds of Cite Soleil residents, and more than ten thousand Haitians, have been killed by the U.S.-U.N. aggressors over these 2 years.

On January 6, U.N. chieftan Juan Valdes warned that the U.N. troops are preparing to "occupy" Cite Soleil. Valdes told a local radio station: "We are going to intervene in the coming days. I think there'll be collateral damage but we have to impose our force, there is no other way" (cited in www.haitiaction.net). The new commander of the U.N. military force, General Aludante Herman, is a Chilean army officer who served in the political police under the Pinochet dictatorship.

More than 9,000 U.N. troops, financed and supported by the U.S., occupy Haiti, imposing a pro-U.S. economic and political system while repressing the Haitian people who are struggling to end the occupation, regain their sovereignty and return to power their elected government headed by exiled President Aristide.