Forums Discuss "How to Advance the Anti-War Struggle"

February 27, 2006

On February 22, the Youth and Students for a Democratic Foreign Policy and the Peace Agenda Forum co-sponsored two anti-war meetings in the Chicago area to rally people around the slogan of "U.S. Troops, Out of Iraq, Now!"

Part of the work of the meetings included widescale distribution of anti-war literature and the initiation of many discussions on campus, in the communities and workplaces and amongst anti-war organizations. The meetings were well attended by people from many walks of life.

In the beginning of the meetings, the main speaker stressed the need to take up serious discussion on how to advance and win the struggle against war. Both meetings were extremely lively, with the majority of the people actively expressing their ideas about the need and ways to stop the war.

The main points brought out included:

1) The war is continuing and there is a real danger that the U.S. government may attack more countries. Bush has declared "war until victory" in Iraq and every day the threats and war preparations against Syria and Iran are increasing.

2) The ever-mounting struggles of the people are the basis of stopping the war and the anti-war movement already has several victories under its belt.

Firstly and most importantly, the Iraqi people have refused to submit to colonialism and occupation. They are fighting for their freedom and defeating the greatest military power in the world. In addition, the worldwide struggles against the war are slowing down the drive of imperialism to spread the war to new areas and to intensify its interventions in many countries. Several allies of the U.S. have been forced to withdraw their troops from Iraq. In the U.S., the people, starting from scratch, have created a nationwide anti-war movement which has come to the forefront of public opinion.

3) The biggest shortcoming facing the anti-war struggle in the U.S. is that the people have not fully taken the direction and organization of the struggle into their owns hands. The struggle not only remains somewhat sporadic and spontaneous. It is being undermined by a conscious and organized force - the Democratic Party and its so-called "left-wing."

4) The way forward is to build up the independent, anti-imperialist politics and organization of the people themselves. Anti-imperialist politics demands the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq as well as an end to U.S. interference and aggression everywhere. Anti-imperialist politics targets the parties of war, the Republicans and Democrats, as the source of the problem. Anti-imperialist politics mobilizes and organizes the people themselves as the only reliable force for peace.