U.S. Planning Interdiction of Planes and Ships from "Rogue States"

July 6, 2003

Next week, on July 10, U.S. government and military officials will meet in Australia with other regional leaders to discuss a military operation "to force down aircraft and board ships from North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Libya."

"This is something very different from what we've done before," the U.S. Under Secretary for Arms Control, John Bolton, said in Washington. "It's a much more robust approach to interrupting the flow of commerce in weapons of mass destruction."

The proposal is part of George Bush's so-called "Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI)," which calls for stopping so-called shipments of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons material.

Commenting on the legality of such action, Bolton said "We're not going to engage in an endless seminar about what our authority is. We're going to try and define it and move in the areas where we think we've got clear authority."