Into Our Own Hands

October 14, 2003

The following article is reprinted from "The Worker," newspaper of the Workers Party, USA.

The anti-war struggle is entering a new phase.

On the one side, Bush is escalating the war in Iraq - sending more troops and more money and admitting that the war may last for years. So too, U.S. imperialism is escalating other fronts of its worldwide "war against terrorism" - sending more troops and money to Afghanistan, more military aid to finance Israel's genocidal war against Palestine, more U.S. military "advisers" to Colombia and the Philippines, threatening and making military preparations against Syria, Iran, North Korea and other countries.

On the other side, the peoples' determination to stop the wars is growing. In Iraq, political mobilizations and mass actions against U.S. occupation are being organized every day and the armed resistance is growing. The Palestinian people, continuously unfolding their liberation struggle, inspire the whole world with the necessity to rise up against imperialism and colonialism. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea continues to strengthen its defenses and stand against the pressures and threats of U.S. imperialism. All across the world, people are coming out against the U.S. war program; during the last week of September, mass demonstrations were organized in more than 40 countries, including many major U.S. cities, to demand an end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq and an end to the "war on terrorism."

In the U.S. the capitalist warmakers are trying hard to divert the anti-war struggle by parading the Democrats as opponents of the war.

Anti-war activists are being pressured to surrender their principles and political program and liquidate their independent work in order to be "realistic" and get behind the Democrats.

Yet the fact remains that the Democratic Party is helping Bush carry out and escalate the wars. The few "criticisms" offered by Democrats only suggest that Bush win more multilateral support for the U.S. occupation or that Bush remain focussed on all the fronts of the "war on terrorism," and that Bush do a better job of winning over public opinion.

No, the Democrats are not for peace and the truth is that U.S. imperialism is going to keep escalating its wars.

The polarization is going to continue and the real political task facing us is to strengthen the independent organization and struggle of the people, in opposition to the parties of war.

Only the peoples can stop the wars and the decisive thing is for the people to organize themselves, organize themselves and organize themselves.