U. S. Steps Up Interference Inside Iran While Military Threats Continue

February 18, 2006

On February 15, the Bush administration asked Congress for $75 million to help support opponents of the Iranian government. The money, to be included in an "emergency 2006 budget request" comes on top of $10 million already requested.

The money, to be allocated in name of "promoting democracy," will be used, according to Rice, for anti-government propaganda via radio and satellite broadcasting, as well as "to develop support networks for Iranian political dissidents." In other words, the U.S. government is stepping up its direct interference in the sovereign affairs of the Iranian people.

Experience in the Middle East, Latin-America, and elsewhere has shown that such funding is used by the U.S. for subversion and aggression. For years, the U.S. sponsored "democracy" in Iraq by organizing exiles to engage in sabotage and terror. In Venezuela, the U.S. has funded "democracy" by organizing opposition groups to assassinate people and foment armed counter-revolution. In Haiti, the U.S. has supported "democracy" by organizing terrorist gangs and killing thousands of people.

During her testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Rice urged world leaders "be united in a punishment that sends a strong message to the Iranian regime." The United States, which has wide-ranging sanctions against Iran in an effort to squeeze its economy, is also "looking at possibly imposing further measures," Rice added.

Several White House officials and Congressional leaders have called for military strikes against Iran.