Iran Defends Right to Nuclear Technology

April 2, 2006

Iran vowed not to give in to pressure and intimidation, following a March 29 statement by the U.N. Security Council that calls for Iran to cease its nuclear enrichment program.

The measure was past only after the U.S. applied tremendous pressure on the other members of the Security Council. Despite holding over 20 closed-door sessions since March 6th, the U.S. failed to get the harsh condemnation that it wanted from the other permanent members of the security council.

The Iranian Ambassador to the U.N., Mohammad-Javad Zarif, said on March 29 that "the issue now at stake is of a developing state wanting to exercise its right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy guaranteed under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty...This is a legally recognized right and acknowledging the right of member states will guarantee the continued life of the NPT [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty].

Ambassador Zarif also said: "Certain members of the international community have accused Iran of pursuing a clandestine nuclear program and of non-compliance in its obligations under the NPT, but reports of the IAEA director-general refute their claims and, furthermore, affirm that there has been no diversion in Iran's declared activities."

"After three years of cooperation and 1,700-man inspections, the IAEA reached no other conclusion than that Iran Committed no diversion in its nuclear activities," he pointed out.

Criticizing the U.S. for its double-standards on the nuclear issue, he said "While the U.S. has for so long been having extensive nuclear cooperation with Israel for military purposes and while Israelis have full access to the country's nuclear facilities it has excessive and unreasonable expectations from Iran as an NPT signatory." Israel, he said, "has the biggest nuclear arsenal in the region, but has a very negative record when it comes to implementing U.N. Security Council decisions and resolutions."

"Let's not forget that if the UN Security Council is really sincere in fulfilling its obligation of defending international peace and security, it should look into the repeated and daily threats of the U. S. and Israel which violate the provision on not using threats or resorting to force. This is what we have officially and repeatedly asked the UN Security Council," he added.

"We will by no means compromise or give up our indisputable right," he emphasized.

For the time being, he said Iran will adhere to its commitments under the NPT and will not allow any country to violate its legal rights in any way and reiterated that threats or intimidation will have no effect on the country.