New U.S. Threats Against Iran

June 22, 2003

On June 18, George Bush said that the U.S. "will not tolerate the construction of a nuclear weapon in Iran." According to press reports, a "senior White House official" underscored Bush's remarks as a "carefully worded escalation" which drew a line that the U.S. says Iran would not be permitted to cross.

In a script similar to the one used by the U.S. to prepare its war against Iraq, the Bush administration keeps trying to create a hysteria about Iran building "weapons of mass destruction." The U.S. is demanding that Iran put its nuclear energy program under special controls and inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The Iranian government continues to affirm that its nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes. In fact, Iran is in full compliance with the provisions of the IAEA. Many other countries, including Russia which is helping Iran build a nuclear power plant, have confirmed the Iranian position. At the recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the IAEA, the representative of the non-aligned movement praised Iran for its transparent policies and its cooperation with the IAEA.