Foreign Minister Underscores Iran's Right to Peaceful Nuclear Technology

United Nations, New York, Sept 25, IRNA (excerpted from Islamic Republic News Agency)

Kamal Kharrazi here Friday insisted on Iran`s right of getting access to nuclear technology for peaceful aims.

Addressing the 59th session of UN General Assembly, Kharrazi also stressed the importance of taking action by the international community due to the existence and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

"As the only victim of the unbridled use of weapons of mass destruction in recent years, Iran feels very strongly about the absolute imperative of a collective and rule-based multilateral campaign to eradicate all these weapons and to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons as an interim measure.

"This must be done by the universal application of disarmament and non-proliferation instruments in a comprehensive and non-discriminatory manner," he said.

He urged addressing the legitimate disarmament and non-proliferation concerns of the international community through transparency and vigorous application of monitoring mechanisms.

"Iran has always been prepared to contribute activity to this global effort. While we insist on our right to use technology for peaceful purposes, we have and will leave no stone unturned in order to provide assurances of our peaceful intentions," he said.

Iran has been in the forefront of efforts to establish a zone free from weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, the minister said, adding this initiative which has received the repeated approval of the General Assembly and the Security Council has been systematically obstructed by Israel`s intransigence and its rejection of all multilateral instruments, regrettably with impunity.

"All countries of the region and beyond are unanimous in considering Israeli arsenal, including its weapons of mass destruction, combined with its policy and record of aggression and state terrorism as the single greatest threat to regional and global peace and security. Israel cannot hide these facts behind smoke screens," he stated.

He urged the international community to show its resolve to maintain the credibility of multilateral disarmament instruments by taking action to compel Israel to comply.