U. S. Sends More Troops to Iraq

September 3, 2006

The U.S. military is escalating its aggression in Iraq.

In the past 5 weeks, the U.S. has sent 13,000 additional soldiers to Iraq, increasing the total deployment to 140,000 troops (18 combat brigades) -- the largest number since January 2006.

The latest move follows the announcement by the Marine Corps in late August that that it will involuntarily activate 2,500 reservists. On August 24, Colonel Guy Stratton, head of Marine Corps manpower mobilization, acknowledged that "this is going to be a long war" and that there is "clearly a need" for more marines in Iraq and Afghanistan. Military officials also stated that many soldiers are on their second or third deployment to the war zones and that its getting harder to recruit new troops.

The Pentagon admits that the recent deployment of new troops is a result of the rising number of attacks against U.S. forces in Baghdad, and that the war is not going as planned. "The most significant dimension of this to me is that it says there are no longer any rosy assessments about how things are going in Iraq and Afghanistan," retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner told reporters.

Since March 2003 at least 2,635 U.S. have been killed in Iraq, and another 19,773 troops have been wounded in action, according to the Pentagon.

The reality is that U.S. imperialism is going to continue and escalate its aggressive war against Iraq until it is stopped by the people. It will be defeated and will be forced to withdraw by the Iraqi resistance.

The American people support Iraq's independence and sovereignty and demand nothing less than the immediate and total withdrawal of all U.S. troops.