Iraqis Hold Huge March Against U.S.-Israeli War in Lebanon

August 6, 2006

On August 4, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in Baghdad demonstrated against the U.S.-Israeli war in Lebanon.

The enormous protest took place in Sadr city, a suburb of Baghdad which is occupied and surrounded by tens of thousands of heavily-armed U.S. troops. During the march, which filled 20 blocks of a wide boulevard and dozens of side streets, protestors condemned the U.S-Israeli aggression against the Lebanese and Palestinian people.

As the U.S. army was deploying thousands of new troops into Baghdad, convoys of buses filled with Iraqi demonstrators were at the same time streaming into the capital. On August 3, U.S. soldiers opened fire on a convoy of 13 vehicles on the way to the protest, killing two Iraqis and wounded over 16 others.

Speakers at the protest denounced the killings, as well as the daily violence of the U.S. occupation. Many called upon the people to step-up their resistance throughout the country as well as to support those fighting U.S.-Israeli aggression in neighboring countries. They also denounced attempts by the U.S. to portray itself as "an honest broker for peace in the region," or to characterize the on-going violence in Iraq as "sectarian rivalries" or "civil war."

One reporter from the New York Times quoted an Iraqi protestor who said: "America is behind all the negative things and all the destruction here, and the sectarian violence too...America supports the terrorism."