Over 9,200 U.S. Casualties from Iraq War

November 23, 2003

According to recently released Pentagon data, the number of U.S. casualties from the war in Iraq has passed 9,200. This figure includes troops killed, wounded or evacuated due to injury or illness.

In addition to 417 U.S. soldiers killed (as of November 22nd) and 1,967 wounded, 6,861 troops were medically evacuated for non-combat conditions, according to the Army Surgeon General's office.

That brings total casualties among all services to more than 9,200, and represents an increase of nearly 3,000 non-combat medical evacuations reported since the first week of October.

Of the non-combat medical evacuations:

-- 2,464 were for injuries, such as those sustained in vehicle accidents.

-- 4,397 were due to illness; 504 of those were classified as psychiatric, 378 as neurological, and another 150 as neurosurgery.

In early October, the Army Surgeon General's office said 3,915 soldiers had been evacuated from Iraq. The new total of 6,861 reported non-combat evacuations is a rise of 57 percent since then.