U.S. Escalates Threats Against Iraq

The U.S. escalated its threats against Iraq this past week following Iraqi accusation that Kuwait was stealing oil. U.S. officials were quick to respond and threaten Iraq with using military force. "We do have a credible force in the region and are prepared to use it in an appropriate way at a time of our choosing," Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told a news conference. She said that the U.S. is willing to use its military against Iraq "if there are attacks or provocations against the Kurds in the north, if there are threats against the neighbors and against our forces or a reconstitution of the weapons of mass destruction."

To emphasize the point, the U.S. and its allies bombed a radar site in southern Iraq. "The U.S. maintains a strong and robust military presence in the Arabian Gulf region and remains ready to use it... " said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman. Earlier in the week, Madeleine Albright lobbied the U.N. to keep economic sanctions against Iraq, dismissing as well-intentioned but misinformed some religious and human rights organizations that say the measures are starving the Iraqi people. "But we must also defend the integrity of this institution, our security and international law.", she told the General Assembly.

The air-strikes and sanctions against Iraq are a result of the system of domination which U.S. imperialism seeks to impose on the peoples of the Middle East and elsewhere. In addition to trampling under foot the sovereignty of Iraq, U.S. imperialism continues to militarize the entire Persian Gulf region. Its goal is to maintain its economic domination of the strategic and oil-rich part of the world.