Increasing U.S. Pressure and Threats Against Iraq

The Bush administration is increasing its aggressive propaganda against Iraq and preparing for war against that country.

Last week, Bush, Secretary of State Colin Powell and other spokespersons for the administration repeatedly insisted that the U.S. has decided that there must be a "regime change" in Iraq. To bring this about, the government is preparing a broad array of options, including covert operations aimed at overthrowing the Iraqi government, increased diplomatic and political pressure including ultimatums to the Iraqi government and a full range of military options.

Military planners say that it will take several months to prepare for an all-out military assault and last week, Army General Tommy Franks, who commanded the U.S. war against Afghanistan, was in Kuwait, reportedly laying the groundwork for the deployment of U.S.. troops as part of an invasion force. Vice President Cheney is planning to visit several Middle Eastern and Persian Gulf countries next month as part of the administration's political and diplomatic offensive against Iraq.