U.S. Troops Open-Fire on Iraqi Demonstrators

May 4, 2003

According to partial new reports, U.S. troops opened fire on Iraqi demonstrators in, at least, three separate incidents during the past week, killing 22 people and wounding 100 others.

On April 28, U.S. helicopter gunships fired on the northern city of Mosul, killing at least 6 Iraqis.

The next day, April 29, U.S. troops fired for 30 minutes into a crowd of protestors who were demanding that U.S. troops leave the town of Fallujah, 30 miles west of Baghdad. Thirteen (13) people were killed and 75 injured.

Again on April 30, thousands of angry protestors took to the streets to denounce the killings and demand the removal of U.S. troops. As a convoy of U.S. military vehicles passed the demonstrators, U.S. soldiers opened fire, killing three Iraqis and wounding 14 others. An eyewitness to the incident stated "We were in front of the American's military base chanting: 'No to America! No to Saddam!' when the soldiers started firing at us."

One day later, on May 1, seven U.S. troops were injured when grenades where thrown into their compound in Fallujah. Many Iraqis have since commented to reporters that "There will be no peace in this city as long as the Americans are here."

These massacres show the real face of U.S. occupation. U.S. imperialism is purposely and systematically suppressing and killing the Iraqi people. The U.S. military is telling the Iraqi people that they have no rights whatsoever and that they must submit to the dictates of their masters or be shot. In the tradition of all colonizers and occupiers, U.S. imperialism is trying to subjugate a whole people by force of arms.

It is the duty of the American people to support the just struggles of the Iraqi people against U.S. occupation and colonialism. We must demand the immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Iraq and the Middle East.